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Greystag Fire and Security can provide complete electronic security solutions including intruder alarms, CCTV, security lighting & access control, ranging from small domestic systems to large commercial and industrial integrated security solutions.

At Greystag Fire and Security we can design, install, and maintain commercial, domestic and industrial access control and door entry intercom systems.

We cater for all applications, from the basic single door intercom systems through to the large multi-door access control systems, combining product quality and advanced technology with an interface to suit your needs.

There are many types of access control and intercom systems out there, let Greystag Fire and Security work with you to decide on the correct system for your needs.

​Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems normally work in one of two ways:

Audio intercom systems are one of the simplest, electronic forms of access control. An external push button is used to call any number of handsets in the property.  Using any of these handsets you can then talk to the person outside before allowing them access, this is if an electronic lock release has been fitted.

As knowing who is at the door can be more important than just being able to speak to them, video intercom systems enable you to see the person before you allow them access to the property. This state of the art technology has become very popular, due to the added security it provides.

Audio Only Intercom System

Access Control Systems

Access control systems normally work in one of three ways:

Coded Entry provides access using a commonly known code, or in more sophisticated systems by a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual user.

Proximity (or Prox) cards and tags are the most commonly used form of access control at present. Each individual is issued with a proximity card or tag, that is then programmed into the system with their personal details. Tighter access control measures can then be achieved by only allowing individual’s access to certain areas.

Biometric Systems are one of the most secure and expensive methods of controlling access in a high security environment. They operate by distinguishing personal attributes such as voice recognition, fingerprint recognition or retinal scan.

All of our door entry and access control systems can be combined to create a structure that is right for you.

Greystag Fire and Security is committed to providing a professional approach to all contracts undertaken whether large or small, domestic or commercial. The operation is backed by competent access control/intercom engineers that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with all our client's emergency requirements.

At Greystag Fire and Security our access control/intercom engineers have experience in working with a wide variety of customers, from designing and installing small systems to suit individual needs to working alongside national companies providing specialist multi-site security installations.

All our access control/intercom engineers have been security vetted for your piece of mind.

Greystag Fire and Security prides itself on maintaining a friendly, efficient approach towards all of its customers, whether big or small.

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